The Social Media Growth Guide: How to Grow Your

Social Media Following

What is social media growth?

Social media growth comes from breaking through the constant digital noise, standing out, and being memorable. It is about transforming social media into a powerful tool for networking, building your business and earning revenue.

My top 5 social media growth strategies

1. Choose a sub-niche: Social media is a cluttered, noisy place so you need to stand out. Hone in on who you serve and how you can help them. When choosing your sub-niche, you’re attempting to understand who you serve at a very specific level. Look at it like this: Broad topic > niche > sub-niche. In practice, this may look like: Athletes > runners > marathoners.

2. Create meaningful content: Meaningful content attracts buyers. So the content you create must be valuable, resonate with others and attract your ideal customer. Remember, you don’t need to be a world-renowned expert to create content, just deeply experienced in a certain subject. Try inspiring, teaching, challenging, and empathizing with your audience through content.

3. Become recognizable: When you become a familiar character, an invested audience gathers around you. The best way to do this? Forget about being better than everyone else — be different. Bring something unique to the table that gets your audience thinking and coming back for more. Once you’ve done this, lean into it. People should know your content even if your name or face wasn’t on it.

4. Build a relevant tribe: To build a relevant tribe, you need to be a leader. Craft insightful content for people who are behind in your journey. But remember, a part of your leader’s role is to keep learning. Then break this learning down into digestible chunks to be shared with your tribe. 

5. Form a strong network: The bigger and stronger your online network of friends, peers, and supporters is, the more likely you are to be successful on social media platforms. When you publish content online, you attract like-minded people. But there’s one step that most people miss. You need to help them achieve their goals. That makes it fail-proof.

More thoughts on social media growth

Most people see social media as a vehicle to gain likes and followers or push their content, products, or services. But it's much more than that. It's about the connections, influence, and countless opportunities.

That said, growing on social media doesn’t happen overnight. You're not going to post today and go viral tomorrow (and I’m not sure virality matters anyways). It takes time, strategy, and a good dose of authenticity to build a following over time. The articles below provide more insights into growing on social media.


Looking for more articles about social media growth? I have a full list at the bottom of this page.

Simple guide to growing your social media

1. Define your unique brand persona

Want to set yourself apart and build brand awareness? Start by nailing down your persona. It's like your digital fingerprint, the unique mark that differentiates you from others. Are you the witty educator that enlightens and entertains? Or are you the thought leader who sparks deep, meaningful conversations? Authenticity here is the secret to sustainable social media growth.

2. Find the aesthetic that best represents your brand 

Aesthetics matter. It's like picking an outfit for your brand — it should speak volumes about who you are. Are you going for a modern-minimalist or classic-vintage vibe? Whatever it is, make it consistent, intriguing, and true to you. Here, it may help to revisit the question about your 'why.' What's the purpose, emotion, and experience you want to convey through your visuals? 

3. Observe your competitors

Look at your competitors — not to mimic them, but to learn from them. Identify their hits and misses and the trends they are covering. What is or is not resonating with their audience? Take these observations and add your unique flavor. Improve where they excel and innovate where they fall short. Set a new bar and be the version 2.0 they didn't see coming.

4. Understand your target audience's needs

Before you start creating social content and publishing online, you need to know what makes your target audience tick. What problems are they facing? What solutions do they need? How can you help them overcome their challenges? The more you align your social media posts with your audience's pain points and aspirations, the more they'll connect with you.

5. Create and stick to a realistic content calendar

My best advice here is to find what works for you. To start, having a social media calendar with 2-3 posts per week may be reasonable. This sets you up to deliver share-worthy, thought-provoking content without burning out. As you find your groove, you can adjust your posting schedule and publish more consistently.

6. Start publishing on one platform first

Don’t try to be everywhere at once. Spreading yourself too thin over multiple platforms won't get you anywhere. You need to identify where your target audience hangs out and make meaningful connections there. For me, that was LinkedIn. I dedicated my time and energy to growing a strong following there before considering other platforms. Your influence will follow you.

7. Optimize your social media profile

Making a killer first impression starts with your profile picture, so invest in a professional headshot; it's the first step in establishing credibility. Next, craft a specific and compelling tagline. Highlight who you are, what you do, and most importantly, how you offer value. Finally, use social proof through client testimonials and career achievements to prove you're an authority in your field.

8. Engage with your followers consistently

Engagement is the lifeblood of an effective social media marketing strategy. Make your followers feel seen, heard, and valued. Create a thread on a hot topic and ask your audience for their opinions, host a giveaway or start a real-time Q&A session. This interaction can spark discussions, encourage engagement, and foster a sense of community. 

9. Connect with relevant industry professionals

Building a tribe isn't about amassing social media followers. It's about connecting with people within your industry. Look for who needs your services. Connect with them to understand their needs and challenges. That's how you become a go-to expert. Connect with other writers and creatives. Share your struggles and insights. There is mutual gain in building each other up.

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