May 22, 2023

Best LinkedIn Analytics Tools in 2023

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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably figured out how underrated LinkedIn is.

Not only that, you’ve already started posting, and now you’re looking to maximize your performance with analytics tools.

I’ve been there.

My first post was in 2018 and I’ve since grown to well over 400,000 followers.

Analytics tools have been a huge part of my journey.

In fact, without the tools discussed in this article, I’d have been flying in the dark when it comes to understanding my content.

But I’m not.

Having in-depth insights into my content performance has enabled me to not only grow at an unprecedented rate but also monetize unlike anyone else.

And now it’s your turn.

Here I cover the LinkedIn analytics tools that have proven the most useful to me, in the hope that you can also make the most out of them.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links, which lets me keep my high-quality content free to all at no cost. I only partner with products I actively use and approve of.

Best tools for LinkedIn analytics

  1. Shield Analytics
  2. Taplio
  3. Inlytics

1. Shield Analytics

Best LinkedIn analytics tool overall

I’m amongst the first people to recognize LinkedIn as a force for personal branding.

But initially, I struggled to optimize and repurpose my content due to a limited understanding of its performance.

Then came Shield Analytics.

When Shield was released, I immediately saw a passionate team eager to fill the gap in analytics coverage on LinkedIn.

Its comprehensive feature set scratched every LinkedIn itch I had — and continues to do so today.

Here’s a breakdown of everything I love about it:

Performance at a Glance

On logging into Shield, I am greeted with a comprehensive summary of my recent content performance.

Without any additional effort, I instantly know if I’m on track to meet my goals for the week, month, year, and beyond.

See what content works best (and what doesn’t)

Shield’s most effective use case is easily understanding your content in-depth.

You can filter your posts by views, comments, likes, shares, and more to understand exactly what works best.

I can’t understate how essential this is — whether you’re getting it from Shield, or anywhere else. A clear grasp of your content’s performance is crucial to scaling your brand efficiently.

I use this data often to tweak and repurpose my best-performing posts.

Remember: Nobody remembers your content like you remember your content.

Build a consistent presence

Shield’s Frequency feature visually indicates how frequently you’re posting. Consistent posting has been central to my success, and I recommend you follow suit.

Knowing your worth

Don’t underestimate how incredibly valuable your reach can be. Shield’s Earn Media Value feature helps you to understand how valuable your reach is.

It calculates the estimated cost to achieve the same number of impressions if you used paid ads on LinkedIn.

> Go to Shield’s website

2. Taplio

Best LinkedIn analytics tool for value

While Shield’s analytics go more in-depth than Taplio, the latter promises a tight contest with its comprehensive toolkit.

In short, Taplio is the full LinkedIn package. It has impressive analytics, sure, but it goes way beyond that.

Taplio provides:

  • Post-scheduling (including carousels)
  • Outreach and CRM features
  • Content ideation tools
  • Chrome extension

All wrapped up in an intuitive UI.

Here’s my tool breakdown:

Simple post scheduling

Scheduling is my main use case for Taplio. Since it uses a plugin to go beyond the native LinkedIn API’s limitations, it schedules not only written content but carousels too.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You create a content queue based on your preferences (date, time, etc.)
  1. You write (or add your content) in the post editor
  1. Press “Add to Queue,” and Taplio handles the rest

Taplio’s content editor also offers:

  • Full post previews, including “Read more” cut-offs for desktop and mobile
  • Removal of URL previews (these can ruin a post’s appearance)
  • Automatic plugs for your product/service in the comments
  • Support for “@” mentions
  • Publishing on Twitter

Plus everything offered in the default editor.

As I said, it’s the whole package.

Exceptional content ideation

Taplio is a content machine. While I have my own systems for ideation, Taplio is undoubtedly a huge help to budding LinkedIn creators.

Here’s what it’s got on offer:

Viral post inspirations

Browse a selection of top-performing content to inspire your next post. Each recommendation is personalized based on your account’s topical coverage.

Content library search

Taplio has indexed a massive number of LinkedIn posts for easy searching. Just pick a topic, set filters (engagement, post type, etc.) and browse at your leisure.

AI-generated content

Taplio leverages the latest and greatest in AI (GPT-4, to be specific) to help you push out compelling content faster than ever.

It has three AI tools:

  1. Automatically generated content

Taplio’s first AI feature automatically generates a slew of content based on your portfolio. Not much to explain here — it’s pretty straightforward.

  1. Customizable post generator

Pick a format and topic, and Taplio will whip up a quality post.

  1. Hook generator

If you’ve got a great post ready but you’re not ready to start it, Taplio’s AI hook generator has you covered.

> Go to Taplio’s website

3. Inlytics

Best LinkedIn analytics tool for beginners

Inlytics is an excellent option for LinkedIn beginners.

Its user-friendly interface and straightforward features make it perfect for non-techies who want to dive into LinkedIn data without feeling overwhelmed.

Here's a breakdown of its key features:

Easy-to-understand dashboard

Inlytics presents your LinkedIn analytics in a clean, easy-to-navigate dashboard.

You'll get a detailed breakdown of your profile and post-performance, plus insights on engagement, reach, and follower growth.

Post and content analysis

Inlytics lets you analyze individual posts to see which ones are driving the most engagement and reach. You can also compare different types of content (articles, images, videos, etc.) to see what formats resonate most with your audience.

Follower insights

Understanding your audience is crucial for creating content that resonates with them.

Inlytics provides insights into follower demographics — including industries, titles, and location, helping you better tailor your content to your audience’s interests.

Engagement insights

Inlytics' engagement insights show you which of your posts are getting the most likes, comments, and shares.

Identifying trends and patterns to inform your content strategy is non-negotiable for success.

Find your optimal posting time

Maximizing your content's visibility is non-negotiable for optimal engagement.

Inlytics analyzes your data to recommend the best times to post, helping you reach your audience when they're most active and engaged.

Competitor analysis

Keep an eye on your competitors and learn from their successes and failures.

Inlytics allows you to track and compare your performance against your competitors, helping you identify areas for improvement and potential opportunities.

Customizable reports

Inlytics offers customizable reports that let you dive deep into your performance.

Curate the specific data and insights you want to include and export your report as a PDF or Excel file for easy sharing.

Post scheduling

Inlytics also offers a post-scheduling feature, allowing you to save time and streamline your content publishing process.

Plan and schedule your posts in advance, and Inlytics will automatically publish them at optimal times for engagement and reach.

> Go to Inlytics’ website

Getting Started with LinkedIn analytics tools

Despite LinkedIn being written off by many as a platform for a corporate promotion and self-righteous ranting, LinkedIn is actually packed with valuable information and valuable people.

It has true potential, not simply as another platform to distribute content on but as an influential powerhouse in its own right, ripe for monetization.

It’s safe to say I have proved that. And with 400k followers and several million dollars in revenue, believe me when I say it’s worth investing in.

So, if you’re serious about LinkedIn growth, analytics tools are non-negotiable.

All of the tools listed are dedicated LinkedIn resources with extensive features to help you succeed on one of the fastest-growing platforms in the world.

Here are the links again:

  1. Shield
  2. Taplio
  3. Inlytics

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