October 22, 2022

Here's What I Learned Tweeting 365 Days in a Row.

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On October 12th, 2022, I Tweeted for the 365th day in a row.

In case you’re wondering, here’s what happened during the year:

  • I added 208,656 new followers
  • I generated 137.59M impressions
  • I received 13.95M visits to my profile

Looking back on the full year of Tweeting, I recognize that there is a pretty standard recipe for growing on the platform.

And when I say growing, I don’t just mean sheer volume. I mean finding the perfect followers for your account: people you can network with, peers you can learn from, and future customers.

Let’s dive into the recipe for finding the right followers for your account.

Your Twitter Growth Recipe:

Here are the 3 main ingredients for growing your Twitter account the right way:

  • Becoming well known for one thing
  • Becoming well-known as an educator in that thing
  • Generating familiarity through engagement with a relevant network

You don’t have to get all of these right to grow, but the more you get right, the better.

Here's how to put yourself in the best position to succeed:

Become Well-Known For One Thing

There are a ton of people vying for attention on Twitter. The best way to stand out and attract the right follower is to become known for one specific thing.

This matters a lot when you begin and less so as you accumulate hundreds of thousands of followers.

The easiest way to become known for one thing is to build out your persona in a way that reflects that thing, and then use content to drive home your expertise in that thing (we’ll cover that next).

For example, there are a ton of entrepreneurs on Twitter. There are also some solopreneurs.

But there are very, very few people talking about building a diversified portfolio of one-person businesses. So, I decided that’s what I wanted to be known for.

The next thing I did was “named it and claimed it”.

I added the moniker, “The Diversified Solopreneur” to my Twitter profile to start aligning that moniker with my name. Every time someone talks about me, I want them to think of me as the solopreneur that is building a diversified portfolio of one-person businesses.

The Diversified Solopreneur. Not just one of a million other entrepreneurs.

You can see that the rest of my profile supports the moniker and sets the expectation for what you’ll learn if you choose to follow me.

This increases the likelihood that the right people follow me and the wrong people don’t.

Become Well-Known As An Educator In That Thing

Choosing what you want to become known for and then “naming and claiming” is just a very small part of actually building a following.

Once you’ve done that, it’s imperative to actually deliver high-quality content inside of that specific area of competence.

So, I built a system that let me create 6-12 pieces of high-quality content from one single idea. Then I decided that every single day, for 365 days, I was going to share at least one educational tip that would help other solopreneurs looking to build a diversified portfolio of one-person businesses.

  • Not hustle porn.
  • Not motivational stuff.
  • Not boring, over-generalized platitudes.

Real, actionable, helpful advice. Every single day.

Here’s an example of what a helpful Tweet looks like:

While this might be obvious to someone who has launched a bunch of businesses, it’s a very helpful tip for someone just dipping their toe in the water of solopreneurship.

And the compounding nature of my content means that millions and millions of people see my tips every month, and start to put trust in my ability to guide them to their goals and desired outcomes.

Generate Familiarity Through Engagement With a Relevant Network

If you can become known for one thing, “name and claim” your niche, and then help people who are interested in it, you’ve got 2/3rds of the recipe down.

The last part of growth is leveraging a relevant network to generate familiarity.

AKA, you want people to see your face alongside other experts in your field.

The more that people see you interacting with other relevant members in your space, the more likely they are to see you as an authority. This is especially true if those people are well-known, which helps lend social credibility to you and your brand.

But, when you’re just getting started, it’s hard to connect with other well-known creators on social media. That’s ok!

Start with your own small group of friends/peers/creators who are at your level.

By creating content, engaging with one another, and helping each other grow, you’ll become a familiar face to people who are a bit further behind you in their journey. As you all grow together, suddenly you’ll be the people that other creators want to engage with.

For example, I started on Twitter by engaging with people like Austin Belcak, Sean Anthony, Daniel Murray, and others. These were people I had met via LinkedIn or had crossed paths with in real life. We all had a few thousand followers and just started engaging with one another.

As my audience grew, slowly but surely some of my favorite creators and entrepreneurs reached out to me and introduced themselves. But it took nearly 5-6 months before anyone with a large following really started paying attention to what I was doing.

Before I knew it, several large accounts with hundreds of thousands of followers were liking, commenting, and even Retweeting my content. This helped my growth really start to snowball.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you enjoyed the tips.


  1. Become well known for one thing. Consider naming it and claiming it.
  2. Educate people every single day. Show them your expertise through teaching.
  3. Create a small group of relevant people and interact every day to build familiarity.

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