July 23, 2022

5,000 Twitter Followers. 90 Days. 1 Guide.

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Today, I’m going to show you how to gain your first 5,000 Twitter followers.

In a world of hacks, paid followers, and massive engagement pods, I’m going to walk through a much more organic approach. And this approach will be solely focused on connecting with the right follower.

By connecting with the right followers, you increase your “luck surface area” which is how you improve your life and business in the long term.

The problem is that most guides focus on growing sheer volume (or hacks), rather than helping you find the best type of followers for your account.

5,000 ideal followers are better than 50,000 random followers.

There will be zero hacks or tricks in this issue. Just proven tactics that help pick up the perfect followers for you. That can generally be defined as someone who:

  • You can learn from
  • You can network with
  • You can create or share opportunities with
  • Can be a customer of your products or services

Here's your action plan for the next 90 days. Let’s dive in.

Day 1: Maximize Your Profile

To begin, it’s critical to understand that you must give people a reason to follow you. Just Tweeting into the void will do very little if you can’t explicitly state why you’re worth following.

Here’s a great framework for your Twitter profile:

  1. A catchy moniker: The Diversified Solopreneur (optional)
  2. What you’re working on: Building a portfolio of one-person businesses to $5M in revenue.
  3. What people can expect when they follow you: Tweets and threads about audience & business growth.

Pair that with a crisp, professional headshot, and create a banner that supports your bio. You can do that very easily using something like Canva.

Day 1 to 30: Livestream Your Journey

I see too many people on Twitter trying to be funny, witty, or clever. Does it work for a few accounts? Sure. Is it the best strategy for most people? Probably not. Twitter growth is NOT about sharing meaningless platitudes.

Instead, figure out what you’re obsessed with and bring people along on your journey. Think of Twitter as a live stream, where you’re sharing everything that you’re learning (educate) in real-time.

Here’s a simple framework to follow, that has worked well for me:

AM1: Tweet a simple 4 or 5-step tip that’s easy to implement.

AM2: Tweet an easily consumable, and helpful listicle.

PM: Ask a great question that you’d like answered.

I use a tool called Hypefury, which automatically retweets all of my posts 9 hours later for double engagement, and then automatically un-retweets them 24 hours later to keep my Twitter feed clean.

Keeping your feed clean is important so steer clear of politics, arguments, and irrelevant content.

Day 31 to 60: Double Down On Your Best

After 30 days or so, you’ll have a collection of 90+ Tweets to look back on. Some of those Tweets will have resonated, while others will be duds. That’s perfectly normal.

Find the Tweets that resonated and double down by turning them into longer-form Tweet threads.

Since you’ve asked a question each day (the PM Tweet), you can also turn the answers into Tweet threads. This is a very simple way to get started.

I recommend doing 1-2 threads per week because they maximize your chances of getting attention from the right types of people. They have a much higher likelihood of catching fire and going a bit viral.

Here's an example of using the AM1 tweet from above and turning it into a thread:

Day 61 to 90: Build Your Ecosystem

You now have a well-designed profile, 60 days’ worth of content to analyze, and some new Twitter thread ideas.

If you’re resonating with the right people, you’ll likely have some new followers as well. This is a great time to set up a small network of like-minded people, on the same journey as you. (you can also do this on day one if you’d like)

Jeremy Moser makes it simple to understand with these 3 tips:

I use a tool called BlackMagic.so which helps me organize a group of favorite follows, and interact with them easily each day. By supporting people who are relevant to me, I generally earn their support back.

You should be doing this as well. Here’s a simple video of how I use BlackMagic to maximize my network.


Day 1: Maximize your profile:
Why should people follow you?

Day 1 to 30: Livestream your journey: Teach people something every day.

Day 31 to 60: Double down on your best: Write 1-2 weekly threads of your best single Tweets.

Day 61 to 90: Build your ecosystem: Build a small network of relevant people and interact daily.

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