April 15, 2023

My VFA Copywriting Formula (for engaging social posts!)

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I recently shared a Tweet that generated over 9K engagements, 3K new followers, and 2.3K new email subscribers.

Here's the Tweet:

Today I’ll show you why this Tweet generated such good results, so you can use my formula for your social media posts.

The formula is called VFA, and it works by building up to a crescendo.

Let’s dive in.

V: I start with a Visceral Opener

“I escaped the rat race…”

This is a more dramatic way of saying “I left my job.”

My opener paints a vivid picture in just five words. It captures the reader’s attention and makes them curious to know more.

When you use emotionally-charged language, it creates a sensory experience for your reader and draws them into your story. It makes them feel personally involved in the content.

F: I offer a Fresh Perspective

"My secret sauce is not playing status games"

Here, I introduce a fresh perspective that holds my reader's attention.

“Secret sauce" is used to describe some kind of hack.

But I apply it to an alternative idea: "not playing status games.”

“Status games” are unappealing to most people. So this provides a feeling of relief to my reader.

By now, my reader is emotionally invested, and they’re feeling hopeful.

The natural response?

Go on..tell me more.

I’ve held their attention.

A: I drive home my message using Anaphora

To close my Tweet, I challenge traditional notions of success. This is appealing to people who are fed up with the rat race themselves.

I reject the typical markers of success, like changing the world or building the next unicorn.

And instead, I position myself as an alternative role model for readers who want to prioritize other aspects of their lives.

I use a literary device called Anaphora to underscore my message.

This is where a word or phrase is repeated at the beginning of successive sentences to create a sense of progression, reinforcing the message.

The message gains strength with each repetition. Each new sentence gets longer.

I don't:

- want to change the world.

- want to build the next unicorn.

- want to be featured on any lists.

- want to get the highest valuation.

It feels like a boxer landing four jabs in a row.

This little formula gives your reader a lot to feel.

And when you feel something strongly, what do you do?

You respond. You engage.

VFA is a helluva way to get readers to respond with their highest level of engagement.

  • V: Visceral Opener
  • F: Fresh Perspective
  • A: Anaphora

I hope you’ll give it a spin.

Well, that’s all for today.

See you next week.

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