August 6, 2022

Your Content is Obvious. It Shouldn't Be.

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In today’s issue, I’m going to show you the difference between obvious and non-obvious content, and how it relates to generating revenue for your online business.

Understanding the difference between these two concepts is critical when growing a thriving brand or business online.

One type of content (obvious) will often generate a lot of impressions, likes, and engagement. What it won’t generate is meaningful revenue.

Non-obvious content is different. It brings a fresh and unique solution to a common problem your audience faces. By presenting your unique view and solution, you separate yourself from the droves of unoriginal people on the internet. That's where business gets won.

Unfortunately, most people are swayed by the reaction to obvious content, so they dive in and join the crowd.

Obvious Content Tells. Non-obvious Content Sells.

How many times have you seen content like this on LinkedIn or Twitter?

  • “Be authentic and add value!”
  • “If you’re giving it your all, you’re doing great!”
  • “Companies shouldn’t ghost people who interview!”
  • “Everyone should be treated with kindness and respect at work!”

Content like this is completely obvious. We all know these things, and they’ve been said ad nauseam, 100 million times or more.

The masses of people will pile on with “yeah!” and “right on!” and your impressions and engagement will soar.

But you’ll never make any meaningful money because you’re just one of a million other people parroting clichés.

You need a differentiator: non-obvious content.

Here's how to create some.

Review Prior Problems

To generate revenue on the internet, you have to actually solve people’s problems.

One of the easiest ways is to highlight a problem that you’ve solved for yourself.

For example, I recently worked through a difficult challenge where my revenue was decreasing even though my content impressions and website traffic were increasing.

This is a pretty common problem for a lot of solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and business builders.

So I decided to shine a light on that problem:

Prior Problem: My business took a nosedive

Challenge Pre-conceived Solutions

A lot of content creators shine a light on problems, but then they fail to create non-obvious solutions.

For example, an obvious piece of content and obvious solution might sound like this:

But I kept my nose to the grindstone, and I kept on producing.

I worked and worked and worked, and overcame the decrease in revenue.

This just goes to show you, that you beat any challenge with the right mindset!

Need some help with your business? I got you.

DM me for more info!

#hardwork #keepgoing

Oof. No thank you.

Instead, what if we took a completely different approach that wasn’t riddled with business clichés and motivation porn? What if we approached it with a little more thought and intention, and found a different, more unique way?

Non-obvious Solution: Throw a 3-year-old, successful strategy in the trash and start over with something called, "Hub and Spoke".

Excellent Outcomes & Surprising Benefits

If you’ve hit on a problem that your audience faces, and challenged the notion of what a common solution might be, you’ve probably got people’s attention.

But the best way to reel people in with intrigue is to share the excellent outcome of your non-conventional solution.

Then, find surprising additional benefits that you weren’t even expecting.

Prove this with data, and the reader’s next question becomes:

“How can I do this too?”

And you push them to your website or whatever CTA you’re looking to promote.

Surprising Outcome: 21% increase in new revenue from this unique strategy, plus surprising efficiency benefits from having a better content creation system.

This piece of content alone drove over $10,000 in revenue in 48 hours, a 27% increase over the previous two days.

When you blend in, you're a commodity. When you stand out, you win business. Mission accomplished.


  • Identify a common problem
  • Develop a solution that challenges preconceived notions
  • Tie your solution back to a surprising outcome with additional benefits

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