March 23, 2024

A 6-Step Framework for Persuasive Writing

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If you struggle to write copy that grabs your audience's attention and gets them to take action, you're not alone.

At some point in their journey, every creator-entrepreneur struggles to create persuasive messages that resonate with their target audience. Hell, I struggle with this myself all of the time. And I have a sales and marketing background!

The fact is — writing is hard. And persuasive writing adds an extra layer of complexity to any project. If you ask me, few things are as painful as staring at a blank screen, with no idea where to begin.

In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m very process-oriented. So when I’m working on persuasive copy, I love to go back to one of my old, favorite processes.

It's a process I started using back in 2019 on LinkedIn, and I believe it's a big part of the reason I was able to grow to 550K followers and attract 215K people to this newsletter.

It’s a reliable writing framework that kills the blank page problem immediately. And a simple writing methodology that can help you sell just about anything.

Let’s dive in.

Introducing the PASTOR Method: My Favorite Approach to Persuasive Writing

The PASTOR method for copywriting was originally created by a writer named Ray Edwards. And put simply, this is a powerful framework for creating persuasive content.

It gives you a structure to follow to ensure your copy is clear and compelling, and most importantly — that you end your message with a call to action for your audience.

Here’s how it goes:

'PASTOR' stands for problem, amplify, story, transformation, offer, response.

  • Problem: Identify your audience's pain points and challenges.
  • Amplify: Amplify the consequences of not addressing the problem.
  • Story: Share a relatable story or example that illustrates the problem.
  • Transformation: Offer a solution that transforms the situation.
  • Offer: Present your product or service as the key to achieving the transformation.
  • Response: End with a clear call-to-action that helps people take the next step.

The PASTOR method allows you to tap into your readers' emotions, build trust, and position your offer as the best solution to their challenge.

You can follow this simple sequence to craft copy that resonates deeply with your ideal audience and gets them to do the thing you want them to do. Buy.

Why the PASTOR Method Works

The PASTOR method works because it focuses on your audience's needs and desires, rather than pushing your product or service (which is an obvious mistake that I see so many people making).

By starting with the problem and amplifying the consequences, you create a sense of urgency.

Sharing a relatable story helps build an emotional connection and makes your message memorable.

Offering a transformative solution and presenting your offer as the key to achieving that transformation, helps you position yourself as a trusted guide who can help your audience overcome their challenge.

And finally, ending with a clear call-to-action encourages readers to take the next step and engage with your business.

Putting PASTOR into Practice

Ready to start using the PASTOR method in your own copywriting?

Here's a simple exercise to get you going:

  1. Identify the product or service you want to promote.
  2. Write down your target audience's main problem or pain point.
  3. Amplify the consequences of not addressing the problem.
  4. Describe the transformation your audience can achieve by using your product.
  5. Present your offer as the key to achieving that transformation.
  6. End with a clear call-to-action that encourages readers to take the next step.

For example, here’s the PASTOR promotional post I used on LinkedIn to get people to sign up for this newsletter issue:

By following this framework, you'll avoid the daunting blank page. And you’ll be well on your way to writing copy that drives real results for your business.

Give the PASTOR method a try, and see what a difference it makes.

Your audience (and your bottom line) will thank you.

See you next week.

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