January 13, 2024

How to Use 'Engagement Loops' to Grow Your Brand & Business

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In today’s issue, I want to show you how I use engagement loops on social media.

An engagement loop is a strategy that that keeps your audience connected with your brand by creating a continuous flow of engagement across different platforms.

The benefit of getting this loop right is that your social media content is seen by more people, and you have multiple opportunities to capture someone’s email address when they visit your site.

Let me show you a simple way to get this done.

Start with the end goal in mind: A newsletter subscriber

The goal of my newsletter is to show you how I think about business in a longer-form piece of content than a short social media post.

To go a bit deeper.

So, in October, I published a newsletter article called '​My $4.8M social media funnel​' that was intended to show subscribers how my simple social media funnel works.

When I published this particular issue, I sent it to 175,000 newsletter subscribers. But with almost a million social media followers, a significant portion of my social followers are not subscribed to my newsletter. I knew that most of my followers might never see this newsletter issue since they aren’t subscribed.

And I wanted to change that.

So a few days after I published that newsletter, I shared a Tweet designed specifically to get people to the article on my website.

Hook and de-platform the reader

While the Tweet performed very well, it wasn’t the initial Tweet that was designed to bring traffic over to my website.

It was the follow-up Tweet:

See how I took my readers from my Tweet over to my website?

My goal was to give them an opportunity to read my longer-form content and decide if they want to subscribe to my newsletter.

But I don’t always catch someone the first time around. That’s to be expected.

So if they don’t sign up, I still want to show them more about how I think and write.

Put the reader back into the loop

Inside of that newsletter issue, I embedded other Tweets, to keep the engagement loop going.

When a reader clicks into those other Tweets, they can like them, leave a comment, or retweet them. And more engagement means that these Tweets continue to show in the feed of other users, who will, in turn, click on those Tweets.

And then those Tweets lead to other newsletter issues. And those issues? They lead to more Tweets, which lead to more newsletter issues…and around and around it goes.

If I play my cards right, I might get one reader engaging with 2-3 tweets and reading 2-3 short newsletter issues. And every time they end up on a new issue, the likelihood that they join my newsletter increases. Especially if I make it easy for them to subscribe.

This simple strategy continues to help me grow my newsletter faster and faster.

Start small and compound

Even if you don’t have a large social media following or a newsletter subscriber base, this is a simple way to get more people to see your social posts and your longer-form content.

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To Summarize:

  1. Create content with a specific newsletter issue (or article) in mind.
  2. Make sure each newsletter has embedded Tweets or other content.
  3. Make sure a large portion of your social content has links to newsletter issues.

As long as you have these things in order, it’s pretty simple to arrange the pieces to put your readers in a engagement loop of wonderful content.

I hope this gives you some inspiration.

See you next week.

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