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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the last four years, I have answered over 37,000 emails from 25,500+ people.

As much as I love meeting interesting new people, the sheer volume has made it impossible to provide 1:1 feedback or advice via email.

So, I stopped.

But, in an effort to be as helpful as possible, I've put together my answer to the most common questions I receive.

How do I manage my Monthly Templates subscription?

You can manage The Monthly Templates by logging in here.

Once logged in, in the top right corner select settings → billing info (top right corner) → active subscriptions

What niche should I choose?

I don't know. This question should be answered by your customer base or your audience, rather than me. If you're looking for a unique way to think about it, try reading this free guide that I put together.

You could also try embracing an obsession rather than a niche.

How can I make my first $1 online?

Read “Make Your First $1 on the Internet", and then go out and get started. You learn by trying!

Which tool/software/tech should I use?

Picking the "right" technology all depends on what stage you are at.

If you're just getting started, choose low-cost (or free) technology or technology you already know how to use. Don't over-invest until you are making money.

Validate your idea before you go out and buy a bunch of software to run your business.

If you're interested in what tech I use, you can check out my full tech stack here.

Will you promote my thing?

I don't promote anyone else's products or services. If you want to promote your brand or business to 115,000+ people each week, you can do so through a newsletter sponsorship.

Will you invest in my company?

No, sorry. I invest through a fund, where people much smarter than me spend my money. 

Any checks I personally write go to friends or family to show them support.

Can I use your video/article/social content?

Yep. Anything on my website is free to share.

It would be nice if you could link back to the source if you choose to share it.

Will you be on my podcast?

I'm not doing many podcasts these days, but if you're interested in having me on, email my VA, Elizabeth Sommers. 

Will you speak at my event?

I rarely do public speaking, but if you're interested in having me speak, email my VA, Elizabeth Sommers.

I wrote some content for your site. Will you use it?

No, I only share my content on my personal site.

How do I grow on social media?

It's not easy, but with a little work, it's 100% possible to grow a large following online.

Read, "How to Grow & Monetize LinkedIn".

While it talks about LinkedIn, it's relevant to most social media sites.

Should I quit my job to become a solopreneur?

I don't know. If you're not making much money at a side hustle, then probably not.

Build a side project until you've replaced 60% to 70% of your salary, then consider going all in.

If you have 6-12 months' worth of living expenses saved, then maybe you can go in earlier. 

But, I'd recommend getting traction first.

What would you do if you were me (and here are my life details)?

I don't know. Everyone's life is so different. I would hate to give you advice that worked for me, only to find out that the same luck or privilege isn't on your side.

Start by reading, "When to Jump", by Mike Lewis.

What do you think of this business idea?

Candidly, it doesn’t matter what I think. It only matters what your customers think.

If you want to know whether it's a good idea, start by building an MVP.

Then, go talk to potential customers and let them tell you. 

I promise this is better than asking me!

Where can I find a mentor?

I don't know. I haven't had many mentors in my life.

The best way to find someone who can be helpful is to share what you're working on in public, on social media, and attract interested people.

Talk about your trials and tribulations and make connections with people who can be helpful.

Can you look at my profile/content/business/landing page?

No, I'm sorry. Instead, try different versions and test what works using data and qualitative feedback.

Your prospective customers will be much more helpful than I will.

How do I become a better writer?

Read classic books on copywriting like:

- Cashvertising

- Ogilvy on Advertising

- The Boron Letters

They are classics for a reason.

Also, subscribe to websites like VeryGoodCopy by Eddie Shleyner.

Will you read or review my book?

I don’t review books.

Can you introduce me to someone at PatientPop, Zocdoc, or one of your investment companies?

I haven't worked at Zocdoc since 2014, and PatientPop since 2019. 

I'm no longer related to those businesses and I won't make introductions to companies I've invested in.