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The Saturday Solopreneur Sponsorship Opportunities

Audience and Reach:

  • Reach: 90,000+ and growing 10,000+ subscribers per month.

  • Audience: Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, Creators, & Freelancers.

  • Job Titles: Founder, CEO, and Business Owner.

  • Average open rate: 56%

  • Average sponsorship views: 50,000+

  • Average sponsorship clicks: 400-1,200 depending on relevancy

  • Average yearly web visitors to the blog version of the newsletter: 1,200+

  • Previous sponsors: Scott Oldford (x7), Ship30for30 (x6), Testimonial.to (x5), Taplio (x4), Morning Brew (x3), HypeFury (x2), and more.

  • Cost: $2,000  

→ Reserve your sponsorship here. ($2,000)

Damon Chen

CEO, Testimonial.to

"Justin has the most active subscriber base, much higher than any other entrepreneurial newsletter out there. Once he featured my product on his TSS issues, the sales took off instantly. Testimonial's monthly recurring revenue has had the biggest growth in the past 12 months." 

What You Get As A Sponsor:

When you purchase a sponsorship, you get one advertisement in our Saturday newsletter.

Your ad will be 1 of a maximum of 2 ads in that issue. 

The newsletter is published at 9 am EST every Saturday morning, and you can expect 400-1,200 visitors to your website or offer, depending on relevancy.

Your sponsorship will also remain live forever on each newsletter as they are published on my website and visited 1,200+ times per year as I promote them on social media.

The cost to run an ad is $2,000.

Please note that there are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date.

→ Reserve your sponsorship here. ($2,000)

Jay Clouse

Host of Creative Elements

"When Justin rolled out sponsorship in his newsletter, I jumped in immediately. I literally purchased as quickly as I could to promote my own newsletter. And it performed very well – I wish I had purchased more."

Ad Creative Requirements:

- Ads are text only, 1 sentence long with an additional sentence for a simple call-to-action, and can include one link.

Example: "Today's issue is brought to you by Testimonial.to the easiest way to collect customer testimonials for your product or service. Join here today!"

- You will supply the copy and I will edit it to fit my voice.

- Ad copy is due 72 hours prior to the newsletter date.

- All ads are subject to editorial approval.

- Currently booked out 6 months (Expect another 50k+ subscribers by then)

→ Reserve your sponsorship here. ($2,000)


Any questions? Email [email protected]

Dickie Bush

Founder of Ship 30 for 30

"We spent thousands sponsoring newsletters—and Justin's Saturday Solopreneur sent us by far the highest quality traffic. If you are looking for the best return on investment, the Saturday Solopreneur is your best bet. "

Dennis Geelen

Author of The Accidental Solopreneur

"Sponsoring The Saturday Solopreneur newsletter was a no-brainer for me. With over 50k captive readers, I received hundreds of new eyeballs on my website over a single weekend. The ROI was incredible.