July 22, 2023

You're Missing Potential Customers

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A lot of social media content aims at teaching how to solve a problem.

Not necessarily a bad thing.

But if you’re building a business, that content approach overlooks a key demographic:

People who don’t even know they have a problem (that you can solve).

These folks need to enter your orbit, but they don’t know it yet. So it’s your job to show up for them in the right way.

To unlock this massive opportunity, you need to understand the stages of your customer’s buying journey:

  • Problem Unaware: I don’t know I have a problem.
  • Problem Aware: I’m aware I have a problem. How do I fix it?
  • Solution Aware: I’m aware there are solutions, but not yours.
  • Product Aware: I’m aware of your product. Why are you the best?
  • Most aware: I want your product. Make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Once you understand how customers move through these phases and ultimately make a purchase, you open up a whole new opportunity to create better content for each stage of your buyer’s journey.

Here’s how.

Engage the Unaware

Target your Problem Unaware audience with content that highlights issues they may be oblivious to.

IMO, this is where 50% of your daily social media content should focus. This is the top of your funnel, where you’re attracting new people into your ecosystem.

Start with basic education and move on to compelling arguments to make them aware of the potential problem.

If you can do this successfully you open up hundreds of thousands of potential new customers.

Here's an example of Problem Unaware Content

Agitate the Problem

Once your prospects are aware that they have a problem, you want to start agitating their pain behind that problem.

This is an opportunity for your content to go deeper into why their problem is so big, so painful, so costly, and so personally devastating.

Another 40% of social media content should be dedicated to making the problems you solve existential.

Here's an example of a Problem Aware piece of content.

Showcase Your Solution

Once people are driven to solve their problems, they begin looking for solutions.

This is your opportunity to use longer-form content to show people that you’re someone who understands the problem and how to solve it.

Newsletters, YouTube videos, webinars, and podcast appearances are all valuable tools you can use to showcase your competency.

This newsletter is where I show my competency each week.

Share Your Credibility

When you’ve driven prospects this far, the natural question they should be facing is, "Why is your product or service right for me?"

Share your unique selling proposition, awards, testimonials, and case studies that show you’ve helped people exactly like them solve the exact problem they have.

I do this once weekly by sharing a testimonial or DMs from happy students who have built their own audience and business using my products.

Entice the Most Aware

For the Most Aware customers, present an absolutely irresistible offer.

Discounts, bonuses, and limited-time offers drive urgency and encourage immediate action.

Make sure that you give people a no-brainer reason to buy. NOW.

I do this through limited-time offers, a satisfaction guarantee, and purchase power parity (PPP) pricing.


Understanding and addressing the stages of your customer’s buying journey will be a game-changer for your content and your business.

It will allow you to tailor your content to meet your customers exactly where they are and guide them smoothly to a purchase.

With this approach, you're not only solving their problems but also fostering trust and positioning your brand as their go-to solution.

Action Tip:

Evaluate your top-of-funnel content strategy.

Are you neglecting your Problem Unaware audience?

If so, dedicate 50% of your content to educating and engaging this untapped segment. Bring them into your orbit with content that builds problem awareness.

Remember, these folks represent a huge pool of potential customers who just don't know they need you yet.

This simple shift in your focus can lead to big gains in customer engagement, conversion, and ultimately - your business growth.

Good luck out there.

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