July 8, 2023

When is enough, enough?

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In the game of business, we often find ourselves caught up in the pursuit of growth.

Growth for growth's sake - that relentless quest for more, the gnawing compulsion to scale every mountain and conquer every single challenge.

Yet, I continuously find myself asking: “When is enough, enough?”

The media and the online world are absolutely in love with the notion of constant, insane growth.

This translates to bloated companies, swelling revenues, and an attitude of “more, better, faster!”

It's a treadmill that, IMO, is always set a little too fast and a bit too steep.

Isn’t it about time we hit the stop button and hopped off?

I am certainly not blind to the allure of growth. I spent over a decade building two companies to valuations of over $1B. Growth can bring a sense of progress and a feeling of incredible accomplishment.

Is it enriching? Certainly. Is it gratifying? To a point. But there is more to life than the constant pursuit of "more".

To let "more" be our master.

I’m a firm believer in building our lives first - designing an existence that truly reflects who we are and what we value. And from there, growing businesses to fit that intentionally designed life.

Not the other way around.

Life shouldn't revolve around scaling businesses. Businesses should revolve around enriching your life.

The real question we should ask ourselves is not "How big can we get?" but instead "What kind of life do we want to live?" The magic happens when we shift our focus from size to significance.

We might discover that 'enough' is a lot less than we thought.

Because we’re conditioned to believe that "more" is synonymous with "better". But often, it's just synonymous with more stress, more time away from family, and more sacrifices.

Maybe it's time we define 'enough'?

Maybe 'enough' is working on something you genuinely enjoy, serving customers who truly appreciate your product, and having time to spend with your family and loved ones.

So today, I encourage you to challenge your own notions of 'enough'.

Because your existence isn't a business plan waiting to be scaled.

Take it from me - there's a profound contentment that comes with living an intentionally designed life.

And the beauty is, your business can fit perfectly within that design - without the constant, draining quest for relentless growth.

Isn't that an appealing notion?

I hope you’ll consider it.

After all, when is enough, enough?

Today's action steps:

Reflect on your values and aspirations: Spend an hour alone without any distractions. Write down your personal values, aspirations, and what makes you feel happy, content, and fulfilled. This could be spending time with your family, working on a passion project, traveling, or volunteering. The idea here is to determine what truly matters to you in life.

Identify your business goals: Reflect on your business. What is its purpose? What is its impact? Who are the people it serves? How does it align with your personal values from above?

Evaluate your current situation: Next, take a look at your current situation. Are you spending too much time growing your business at the expense of personal happiness & fulfillment? Are you continuously striving for more growth even when it's causing you stress and taking time away from things that you value most?

Define your 'enough': Finally, define what 'enough' is for you. It could be a certain amount of money, specific working hours, a set number of customers, or a specific impact you're trying to make. This will give you a clear idea of when to stop pushing for growth and start enjoying the results of your hard work.

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