March 9, 2024

The Secret to Content That Sells

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Today I want to show you three critical pieces of information you need to know about your customers in order to create better content and a better sales pitch.

Great content and sales pitches revolve around a simple premise — that your prospective customers desperately want something.

They’re currently stuck in what I call the ‘negative present.’ They have a problem they want or need to be solved.

Their goal is to get to what I call the ‘positive future’ — a world where their problem is fixed. Hopefully by you.

Your content and sales pitch need to show them how to bridge the gap between where they are today and where they want to be. And that you’re the person who can help.

If you can do this, you become the obvious person to buy from.

Objections and Fears

Let’s start with social media content. When you’re creating content, one of the first things you can address is the objections, fears, challenges, and worries that your ideal customer is facing.

Then you can show them you know how to overcome those things, and that you have a plan to get them out of the negative present where they’re currently stuck.

For example, if you’re a dentist looking to market a high-value service like Invisalign, you might want to talk about the top concerns / hesitations people have about investing in an elective procedure that isn’t covered by insurance.

Some likely objections:

  • It seems too expensive
  • I'm nervous it will be painful
  • What if it doesn't actually work?
  • I don't know if I want to be stuck wearing aligners

If you already have clients or customers, they’ll be your best source of information. So ask them what objections or hesitations they had before purchasing.

And if you don't have any customers yet, you can still uncover common objections and fears, with a little bit of research.

Look up the reviews of similar products or services to see what people complain about. What frustrates people who are looking for help? Find people on social platforms who are talking about the problem you can solve, and engage them in conversation to learn more.


Once you understand objections and fears (things that keep people stuck in their negative present), you’ll need to know your ideal customer’s aspirations. We’re moving toward that positive future state.

Why do they want to reach that positive future state? And how do they think it will make their life easier?

Create content that speaks to those aspirations — their desired outcome, and why it matters.

Using our dental example, desired outcomes might be something like:

  • I want to feel more confident when I smile.
  • I want to look more professional.
  • I want to fix dental health issues that could get worse over time.
  • I want a solution that is discreet and convenient.

To uncover your ideal customer’s aspirations, you can talk to people who haven’t yet purchased, and ask them open-ended questions, like:

  • If you didn't have this issue/problem/struggle anymore, what would be different in your life?
  • If everything was solved, what would be the first thing you’d want to do?
  • What negative consequences of this issue would go away if you found the perfect solution?

Your goal in asking these questions is to get people to think about how they would feel and act in the future (problem solved) state. That information will help you understand their internal motivation and why the solution matters to them.

The Perfect Solution

Lastly, you’ll want to create your sales pitch. This is language you’ll use when creating landing page copy and even selling to customers face-to-face. The goal of your pitch is to move your ideal customer into the perfect solution — your solution.

So — how would your customer describe their perfect solution? What would a 10 out of 10 experience with you be like?

The more specific you can be here, and the more clearly you can talk about the transformation, the more likely people will be to trust that you can really help them.

Our potential Invisalign customers might say something like:

The ideal dentist would walk me through how Invisalign works, show me examples of successful treatment plans from real patients, clearly explain payment options including those that work with my budget, provide regular progress check-ins, and assure me they will address any issues that might come up.

With this in mind, our dentist can create a sales pitch and landing page copy that hits each one of those points.

And by doing this, he’ll show potential customers that he has the ideal solution for them.


If you can understand where people are today, where they want to go, why they want to go there, and the fears they have along the way - you’ll be incredibly helpful to your prospective customers.

And remember - being helpful is the fastest way to get traction in your business.

Focus your content and sales pitch on demonstrating that you have a deep understanding of your customer’s journey.

Give it a try, and I’ll see ya next Saturday!

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