January 8, 2022

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask (for more sales)

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This week's tip: Don't underestimate the number of times you need to "ask" to make a sale

One of the key mistakes I see solopreneurs making is their hesitancy to ask for the business.

The idea that you will somehow make a living passively is wishful thinking.

IMO, you should be spending between 10% and 20% of your time creating content that makes an offer and asks people to respond.

That offer should be to spend money with you.

Let me show you the difference between days where I ask, and where I don't:

You can see from above that an average "ask" day will lead to between $10k and $20k in sales, while passive days are around $2,500.

A 5x to 10x difference.

But more than just making more sales, you're also pushing people closer to a purchase, slowly over time.

I recently received this comment from Scott Bair who shows you the power of continuing to sell on a regular basis.

Scott had been considering purchasing my LinkedIn Operating System for over a year, and finally, he decided to buy. He just needed a weekly reminder from me. (Update: Another 5-star review.)

How many Scotts are out there waiting to buy your product?

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