April 2, 2022

How I Turned My Weekly Workflow Into $3,771 in recurring income

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September 5th, 2023 Update: this is now a $20,952 MRR product.

In today's issue, I'm going to show you how I combed through my weekly workflow to find over $3,500 in monthly recurring income hidden right under my nose.

Once you can learn this process, you'll start to see additional income opportunities almost everywhere you look.

Money here. Money there. Money everywhere.

The biggest problem is that everyone is moving so fast, that they never stop to examine the opportunity.

Slow down and be cognizant of your weekly value

Think about the recurring tasks on your calendar that are related to your career, side hustle, or even hobbies. There's income in there.

  • Do you write weekly?
  • Do you project manage weekly?
  • Do you create automation weekly?
  • Do you document processes weekly?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these questions (or many other examples) you can easily turn this into recurring revenue.

It just requires that you pay attention to how you spend your time and create a rigid process.

Here's how:

Step 1: Check your calendar for routine knowledge creation

Part of creating recurring revenue is to find knowledge you share or value that you already create on a routine (not sporadic) basis.

For example, part of my content creation process is curating high-quality styles, formats, and structures for Tweets or LinkedIn posts. Then, I turn them into templates I can use.

This is literally something I'm already doing to help with my own content. And after talking to a few creator friends, they were blown away by the templates I was creating.

I had a hypothesis that this was something I could offer at a low cost to other creators.

Hint: share what you do with other people in your field. If they think there's value, so will many others.

Step 2: Create a cadence for capturing knowledge

Once you identify weekly recurring knowledge, you need a rigid cadence and process for capturing the knowledge consistently.

If you're going to productize it for recurring revenue, you can't miss or be willy-nilly. You must deliver consistently.

For example, I started by strictly scheduling the time to find and create new Twitter/LinkedIn templates.

Every Monday at 1:45 pm, I spend 30 minutes finding great content online. Then at 2:15 pm, I spend 30 minutes turning them into templates I can use and reuse.

Step 3: Repurpose into an affordable recurring revenue model

Once you have a rigid cadence for capturing your knowledge, you need to take it to the next level by creating a cadence for productizing the knowledge.

I decided to turn my templates into a subscription for creators who are looking to improve their content game, and The Monthly Templates were born.

On the 13th of each month, I spend 30 minutes putting these fill-in-the-blank templates into an email for members, adding color commentary, showing examples, and categorizing them by content "emotion" or "style".

I've seen people on Twitter just copying and pasting Tweets and selling that for $500 or $49/mo. I wanted to do this 10x better for 5x cheaper.

So I created a product that I price at $9/month and gives creators a stress-free way of writing high-quality content at scale.

Step 4: Turn your own problem and solution into sales copy

The best part about selling work you're already doing is that you know exactly why you're doing it.

You know the problem it solves. You know how your solution works. You know how it feels to have the solution in hand.

Use the problem to create great awareness marketing and the problem & solution as copy for your landing page.

The goal? Find other people with that exact problem who need your specific solution.

Ta-da. Recurring revenue.


  1. Observe your schedule for recurring knowledge
  2. Create a strict cadence for never missing
  3. Create a cadence to productize them
  4. Use problem/solution to sell

As of July 11th, 2022, this is now a $10,287 MRR product that requires one simple email per month.

Update #2: As of September 5th, 2023, this is now a $20,952 MRR product that still only requires one simple email per month.

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