June 4, 2022

5 of My Favorite Tools for Online Business Growth

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In order to run a high-growth online business, you'll eventually need to invest in some software.

If you're anything like me, finding the best tools to do exactly what you need can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive.

After a few years, my technology stack was growing and growing, and so were the costs to run my business.

Recently, I've pared down my tech stack and now spend about $899/month to run my entire business.

Here are 5 of my favorite tools I've recently started using, and their costs.

1. My all-in-one online toolkit: Kajabi

I recently moved my entire business to Kajabi and I'm absolutely loving it.

Here's why:

It's the only tool I've found that brings every piece of my online business (My website, email, funnels, courses, events, coaching, affiliates, automation, subscriptions, etc.) under one roof.

I was getting really tired of trying to jam a bunch of technology together with complex Zapier integrations.

While it's not perfect, it's the best tool I've found to streamline my technology and reduce costs. Highly recommend it if you have an online business and want one place to manage everything.

Price: $199/month

2. Understanding my website traffic: Fathom Analytics

I hate Google Analytics.

I find the U/I to be clunky, and the reports confusing. Setting up custom reports and dashboards is way too complicated.

I moved to Fathom Analytics because it's easy enough to understand yet it allows me to go deeper into my analytics without being confusing.

It's gorgeous, takes about 30 seconds to set up, and gives me the full picture of who's visiting my site and how they are behaving.

Price: $12/month (Billed at $140 per year)

3. Collecting testimonials to improve sales: Testimonial.to

Testimonial.to is my secret weapon for continuously improving the conversion rate of my landing pages.

I simply embed the collection widget into my Kajabi courses and emails, and users can instantly record a video or leave text testimonials with star ratings.

Once I review the testimonial, it literally takes one click to add it to my landing page in real-time. It's the best social proof tool on the market.

As my testimonials grow, my sales grow. A steal.

Price: $60/month

4. Maximizing Twitter growth & relationships: BlackMagic Sidebar

I started using BlackMagic Sidebar about 6 months ago to get a full-picture view of how I'm growing and utilizing Twitter.

It's 100% my favorite Twitter tool at the moment.

Here are some of the ways that I use it:

Twitter Growth: I track how my tweets perform over time, use it to understand why/when a tweet takes off, and view the people who make the biggest impact with comments and Retweets.

Twitter CRM: I take notes on accounts, set reminders to reply to DMs, and view my past interactions with people for context.

Relationship building: My favorite feature is my ability to engage with my favorite accounts using what I call "Hyper-response". I've created a short video here to show you how I do it.

Price: $16/month

5. Learning from other business builders: Trends.co

Technically, this last one isn't a "tool" or piece of software.

Trends.co is a team of entrepreneurs, analysts, data scientists, and journalists who obsessively track up-and-coming trends, new industries, and interesting ideas.

I leverage Trends to understand what the market is looking for, how other digital entrepreneurs are growing their business, and to connect with like-minded people.

Their breakdown of Sahil Bloom's growth from zero to 500k Twitter followers in one year through templatization was the inspiration for putting together my own Content Operating System.

I've been a happy and loyal subscriber since.

Price: $25/month (Billed at $299/year)

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