Once upon a time, you had a job.

You traded hours for dollars, clocked in and out, and waited for the weekend. Your skills were confined to a cubicle and your ambitions to an annual review and a 4% raise.

Today, the landscape is much different.

You can take those same skills, amplify them with the power of the Internet, and build a lean, profitable Internet empire. Yet, many people stumble along the way — lost in the maze of tools, tactics, and how-tos.

For years, this information has been fragmented.

People have been left to their own devices, cobbling together strategies from blogs, podcasts, and scattered social media posts. No one has put it all under one roof — until now.
The Creator MBA, the ultimate course to help you build a sustainable, profitable Internet business.
"Justin knows his sh*t. I am constantly impressed by how Justin runs his business and does it all without a big team! Lucky for the people who get to copy his playbook." –Noah Kagan, CEO of AppSumo
an ebook mock up of The Creator MBA by Justine Welsh
I’ve seen the struggle of solitary creators, and I know the solutions.

On January 16th, 2024, I’m aggregating 5 years of expertise, proven methods, and actionable strategies into The Creator MBA.

It will set the stage for a new era of lean, focused, profitable Internet businesses.

And I’m inviting you to be part of this shift.

Join the waitlist to find out more about what’s in the course – and be the first to know when it’s live.

Stay tuned.


–Justin Welsh