TSS #007: 5 tools for better, faster content.

Feb 19, 2022


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It's nearly impossible to build a business online if you can't attract attention. And one of the best ways to attract attention is with high-quality content.

I should know. I've spent the last 3 years writing daily, racking up over 100M impressions across Twitter and LinkedIn.

Even with a solid writing habit, I still find myself looking for inspiration and ideas every single day.

So here are my 5 favorite tools for a daily dose of content inspiration.

Best social media publishing tool: Hypefury

Hypefury is my publishing tool of choice for social media because it comes with built-in content inspiration that is proven to attract readers.

I simply select the topic of my choice, and the software surfaces hundreds of examples of high-quality Tweets. These Tweets are generally in a format and structure that is pleasing to the eyes and to the mind.

I can click the "re-use" button and start with a proven format to share my thoughts confidently.

Best long-form publishing tool: Typeshare

Long-form content is about organizing a lot of information into a very digestible package.

Typeshare is my secret weapon for writing this weekly newsletter.

The software comes with built-in essay templates from proven writers like Nicolas Cole and Dickie Bush.

These templates help me take the thoughts in my head and organize them effectively for my weekly readers.

If you're writing regular blogs or newsletters, I highly recommend Typeshare.

Best Google Chrome plugin: Twemex

Sometimes, I'm browsing Twitter and I come across a piece of content that's especially well written.

With Twemex, I can click on the handle of the user who wrote it, and instantly see their top-performing Tweets of all time.

This is a great way to find inspiration, and also see what formats or structures have worked best in the past.

Best native LinkedIn tool: LinkedIn Save

If LinkedIn is your platform of choice, there is a "save" functionality that a lot of people don't know about.

When you're scrolling LinkedIn and come across a piece of content you want to remember, you simply click the three dots in the top right corner and select, "save for later".

Want to access your saved posts? Simply visit and bookmark this URL.

Best native Twitter tool: Twitter Blue

If you're like me, you probably bookmark a lot of Tweets. The problem with bookmarking is that there was no real way to organize the content that you saved.

Until Twitter Blue arrived.

Twitter Blue is a premium Twitter subscription for only $2.99 per month. There are a bunch of really interesting features, but my favorite feature is the ability to organize bookmarked Tweets by folder.

I've created numerous folders including, "Style Steals" where I save Tweets that catch my eye and have clean and interesting formats.



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