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TSS #002: Specificity Means More Sales

Jan 15, 2022

This week's tip: 
When selling products or services, specificity is your friend.

Online products and services come in all shapes and sizes.

From $50/hour consulting to $2,500 "Masterclass" style digital courses.

I've found that the most successful solopreneurs position their product or service to solve a very specific problem.

A problem you've learned about when talking to your prospects and customers.

Once you understand that problem, I recommend helping them get from point A to point B easily, quickly, and affordably.

Point A→ Point B

But, it must be clear to your prospective customers, exactly what they'll get.

And this can often be captured in the hero image of your product/service website, where you describe the benefits.

Let's take a look at two examples:

Bad example: Learn how to invest in the stock market

Better example: Learn how to make your first stock market investment in less than 3 minutes (with zero fees!)

The better example tells people:

What they'll accomplish: Make their first stock market investment

How long it will take them: Less than 3 minutes

Objection handler: With zero fees!

My favorite example of this comes from Harry Dry's Marketing Examples website where he breaks down JobBoardSheet.

Check it out:



Is your online product or service nebulous, or very specific?

If it's the former, try this formula:

Step 1: Explain the benefit your customers receive

Step 2: Explain exactly how you create that benefit

Step 3: Handle the most common objection in the copy


See you again next week.

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