August 16, 2023

The Relentless Pursuit of More

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Too many solopreneurs are focused on a relentless pursuit of "more".

Trying to get more isn't always a problem. Sometimes we need more. Sometimes our business is ripe for growth.

But in most cases, we haven't even hit our basic goals when we start scheming for more. And sadly, that leads many solopreneurs down a tough path.

It's a never-ending yearning to reach higher, as if each new stretch goal will fulfill some missing thing - even if it comes at the cost of sanity and happiness.

Why can't we stop chasing?

I think it's because society (especially people unfamiliar with the struggles of solopreneurship) glamorizes unrestrained, intense growth.

I've seen ambition morph into the most stressful kind of existence for solopreneurs. An existence filled with inflated goals, expanding expectations, and the persistent demand for “increased efficiency and speed.”

Where does it end?

I understand that growth can signal progress and a sense of accomplishment. It's fulfilling. But only up to a point. Life has to be more than just an endless chase for expansion and domination.

What if we kill the concept of "more" controlling our lives?

In my work, I always emphasized building lives before businesses—creating a lifestyle that authentically reflects who you are and what you cherish. Your business should complement that deliberately crafted life, not consume it.

The real question isn't "How big can I get?" but rather "What life am I building for me and my family?"

By shifting the focus from magnitude to importance, you may find that your business is perfect the way it is. Or maybe you don't.

I'm not suggesting you give up on your big ambitions. Of course not.

The idea is to put real intention behind your efforts.

You don't want to pursue solopreneurship only to find yourself in golden handcuffs.

Isn't that what you were escaping in the first place?

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