September 13, 2023

The Power of Self-Confidence

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As I’ve gotten older, I've realized that self-confidence isn't just some feel-good buzzword that gurus talk about — it's a important asset, especially for solopreneurs.

And I don’t mean acting arrogant or puffing up your ego on social media.

I’m talking about having a deep belief in your capabilities that empowers you to take on challenges and grow stronger.

The Solopreneur's Struggle

When you're running your own show, the weight of the world can feel like it's on your shoulders. I know it well.

Hard work, uncertainty, and the pressure to succeed come with the territory.

Especially when it’s just you running the show.

In these moments, self-doubt often creeps in, making everything feel 10x harder.

Here's the thing: Self-confidence isn't a gift you're born with; it's a skill you develop.

And the secret sauce? Competence.

If you find yourself saying, "I just don't feel that confident", that's a pretty good indicator that you haven't mastered what you're doing. And that's OK.

The more competent you become in a specific area, the more confident you'll feel.

Here's what I'd do: Take on challenges that stretch your abilities but are achievable.

- Want to grow your audience? Commit to 90 days of publishing content.

- Want to start a newsletter? Commit to 26 weeks of writing.

- Want to learn digital marketing? Commit to buying and finishing one course.

When you invest in yourself, tackle something difficult and succeed, you prove to yourself that you're capable. In doing so, your confidence naturally grows.

And when you improve your competence, you’re naturally doing interesting things that you can share online to help others.

I’d recommend you start by focusing on improving specific skills that are crucial to your business.

Whether that's mastering the art of negotiation, becoming a better communicator, or learning SEO, it’s critical to become a student of your craft.

As you build competence, your confidence will follow.

Self-Confidence Is Your Most Valuable Asset

As you navigate your solopreneur journey, you'll find that self-confidence becomes invaluable.

It's what enables you to make decisions, take action, and believe in your potential for success.

So, please don't underestimate the role self-confidence plays in your life. Never stop learning. Never stop improving your competence. And never stop sharing.

The older I get, the clearer it becomes: Confidence isn't just a nice-to-have; it's a must-have.

And the key to unlocking it lies in becoming more competent in areas that matter to you and your business.

Good luck out there.

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