September 18, 2023

The Game is Rigged. So What?

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Every day, I see people on social media talking about how the game is rigged.

Whether it's in business, relationships, or just life in general, their attitude seems to always remain the same:

"It's not fair."

And it's true. Sometimes life isn't fair. Successful people know this too.

The difference lies in how they respond to this inevitable truth.

The Difference Between Excuses and Actions

If you think the game is rigged and that's your excuse for not trying, you've already lost.

Yes, the journey of a solopreneur — or anyone striving for success — comes with a ton of roadblocks.

The system is designed in a way that doesn't favor everyone equally. The big difference is that successful folks recognize this and find a way to adapt.

They learn the rules, bend them when necessary, and even break them on rare occasions.

Changing Your Mindset: The First Step to Success

Recognizing that the game is rigged but choosing to play anyway can dramatically shift your perspective and chances for success.

Suddenly, obstacles become opportunities, and limitations become challenges to overcome rather than shit to complain about.

Spend just five minutes each morning affirming your willingness to face challenges head-on. Use this time to visualize overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals.

It might sound silly, but give it a try for 30 days. It works.

Your Mindset is Your True Net Worth

While networking is important, nothing beats the value of a growth-oriented mindset.

With the right attitude, you can turn even the most rigged game into a game of growth and innovation.

I’ve met thousands of people who aren’t that special — they don’t have off-the-chart IQs, they don’t have an MBA, and they didn’t come from money.

They simply have a positive mindset and a bias for action. With those two things together, you’re almost unstoppable.

How to Shift Your Mindset: Practical Steps

  1. Acknowledge Reality: Accept that you can't control everything, but you can control your reaction. This was a major shift for me, and candidly, something I'm still working on.
  2. Equip Yourself: Invest time in acquiring knowledge and skills to navigate challenges effectively. Make a list of skills or areas where you lack knowledge. Then, set aside dedicated time each week for learning and improvement.

Want to learn to social media and business? Pick up one of my courses.

Want to learn something different? Jump online and start Googling. Watch a video, buy a course or book, book a coaching call, whatever.

Improving your competence helps improve your confidence!

The Rules are Set, But Your Play is Up to You

To all the solopreneurs out there, the journey you're on is tough, but with the right mindset, you can turn even a rigged game into a story of triumph.

Your actions, fueled by your mindset, are the real game-changers.

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