May 6, 2023

7 Best Solopreneur Courses for 2023

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Solopreneurs know the struggles of wearing multiple hats and trying to excel in all aspects of their business. It's not easy juggling everything — from marketing to product creation — while maintaining your sanity.

So you're here because you're searching for the best solopreneur courses to improve your skills and make your life easier. I feel you, and I’m here to help.

I’ve scoured the internet to find the 7 best solopreneur courses, so you can skip the endless searching and dive into the learning.

I’ve handpicked these courses to address the unique challenges solopreneurs face and provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive in your business.

So without further ado, let's dive into the list and find your perfect course.

Best courses for solopreneurs

  1. The LinkedIn Operating System
  2. The Content Operating System
  3. Productivity Masterclass
  4. Peak Freelance
  5. The Complete Python Bootcamp
  6. The Twitter Growth Playbook
  7. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X

1. The LinkedIn Operating System

Best LinkedIn course for solopreneurs

The LinkedIn operating system is my comprehensive guide to success on LinkedIn. It covers everything from profile optimization to intelligent networking to creating engaging content on a daily basis.

What you’ll learn

The LinkedIn Operating System teaches how to:

  • Optimize: Turn your profile into a high-converting landing page
  • Create: Develop a system for creating reliably engaging content
  • Scale: Cut out the BS and scale your following at breakneck speed
  • Monetize: Turn your engagement into dependable, scalable income
  • Network: Reach out to decision-makers in your field and convert them into clients

A Blueprint for life-changing success

More than a LinkedIn course, The LinkedIn Operating System is a framework for building a profitable and compelling personal brand online.

Starting with 2,000 initial connections, I scaled my following to over 400k and generated over $4M in income with no advertisements.

That’s why I firmly believe that LinkedIn is the quickest and most effective way to scale your personal brand. But it gets better:

  • The average income of a LinkedIn user towers over other social platforms
  • LinkedIn is considered the #1 platform for B2B lead generation
  • Marketers seeing up 2x higher conversion rates compared to other platforms

Having scaled my LinkedIn audience to over 400k followers, I haven’t seen returns from any other platform that compares to those from LinkedIn. And The LinkedIn Operating System teaches the exact system I used to scale.

I hold nothing back in The LinkedIn OS, teaching everything you need to know about scaling your presence from zero to hero. You’ll not only get the “vanity metrics” (likes, comments, and followers) but also loyal fans and high-powered clients ripe for monetization.

13K+ students agree

A quick visit to my landing page will give you insights from over 13,000 happy students who’ve collectively left a 4.98/5-star rating.

> Check out the LinkedIn Operating System

2. The Content Operating System

Best content creation course for both new and experienced creators

Even the most successful creators are only as good as their systems for content production. All of us start clueless, but that naivete inevitably translates into reliable content production systems, or else we simply wouldn’t survive as authors.

The Content Operating System is a peek behind my curtain. It’s the entire system I use to create compelling content every day for millions of people worldwide, wrapped up in a concise $150 package.

What you’ll learn

The Content Operating System teaches how to:

  • Ideate: Never run out of content ideas again
  • Create: Learn to write content that guarantees engagement
  • Promote: Use my exact promotional strategies for life-changing influence
  • Repurpose: Turn one piece of content into several without any loss of quality
  • Distribute: Learn elite-level strategies and tools for dominating the internet

Build a Reliable Content System

If you already have reliable systems for developing engaging LinkedIn, Twitter, and Newsletter content, The Content Operating System might not help you that much.

But if you’re a budding creator who wants:

  • A reliable system for content ideation
  • To learn to write content people (actually) want to read
  • Strategies for promoting and distributing content from a world-class creator
  • To turn single pieces of high-quality content into evergreen gardens of engagement

Then The Content Operating System is for you.

4K+ happy students

Cashing in on The Content OS isn’t exactly a leap of faith, as I offer full transparency and unbeatable pricing.

The Content OS is the exact system I’ve used to grow my personal brand.

> Check out The Content Operating System

3. Productivity Masterclass

Best productivity course for solopreneurs

Vital skills all solopreneurs need to master are productivity and time management. The solopreneur life is entirely self-driven; there’s no boss to ensure you meet deadlines and maximize your time (outside of clients).

There are few people better than Ali Abdaal to learn this skill from. He’s a doctor turned solopreneur turned full-time creator. If it’s one thing he’s got under control, it’s the way he spends his time.

What you’ll learn

In his Productivity Masterclass, Abdaal teaches how to:

  • Understand productivity myths: Understand Abdaal’s novel approach to productivity
  • Disregard myths: Learn the time-management myths holding you back from maximizing your performance
  • Use practical strategies: Abdaal doesn’t believe in hacks. He teaches practical, realistic approaches to making the most of your time

Lessons from a world-class student and entrepreneur

Before Ali Abdaal was a world-renowned YouTuber, he was a 99th percentile med student at the University of Cambridge. It takes more than hard work to bring that about — it takes elite-level time management.

That efficiency mastery undoubtedly shaped and enabled his blowout success on YouTube. So when you take the Productivity Masterclass, you know it’s coming from a reliable source.

> Check out the Productivity Masterclass

4. Peak Freelance

Best course for new and experienced freelance writers

While Peak Freelance is a community at heart, its flagship feature is its library of online learning materials. Created by six-figure freelancers Elise Dopson and Michael Keenan, Peak Freelance is easily the most value-packed resource for new and experienced freelance writers.

What you’ll learn

Peak Freelance’s courses teach how to:

  • Negotiate: Learn how to negotiate your best-ever rates, even when clients push back
  • Write: Elise teaches you how to create world-class content you can vend at excellent prices
  • Scale: Micheal teaches reliable strategies for earning new clients (quality ones, at that)
  • Balance: Peak Freelance offers strategies for managing stress and building a balanced freelance career

An excellent freelance writing community

As mentioned above, Peak Freelance is more than a course; it’s a community.

In addition to the exceptional learning material, you get access to an exclusive Slack channel of ambitious freelancers and people looking to hire them. You can turn to them for questions, celebrations, or just to chat.

The Netflix of freelancing

Peak Freelance also features regular interviews with world-renowned writers, agency owners, content managers, and editors. Guests include SparkToro founder Rand Fishkin and Ahrefs CMO Tim Soulo.

> Check out Peak Freelance

5. The Complete Python Bootcamp

Best beginner programming course for aspiring freelancers

Investing a few hours a week in learning a new programming language can represent a tremendous opportunity for anyone looking to build an income on the side. And with AI tools like GitHub Copilot eliminating much of the tedium involved in programming, the barrier to entry is arguably lower than ever.

Python, being both easy to learn (compared to other programming languages) and incredibly versatile, is the best place to start. And the best way to learn it is through The Complete Python Bootcamp by Jose Portilla.

What you’ll learn

The Complete Python Bootcamp teaches how to:

  • Automate: Use Python to handle tasks while you sleep
  • Develop your skills: Start from the basics and grow to leverage Python’s full potential
  • Promote: Use your Python skills to create impactful projects that attract attention and clients
  • Solve problems: Learn to tackle complex issues with Python's problem-solving capabilities
  • Network: Connect with fellow learners and professionals in the Python community

The perfect starting point for aspiring programmers

Whether you're completely new to programming or have dabbled in other languages, The Complete Python Bootcamp caters to all levels. With the course, you'll:

  • Gain a strong foundation in Python fundamentals
  • Learn practical skills for real-world applications
  • Access a wealth of resources, including quizzes, projects, and code examples
  • Receive personalized support from the instructor and a vibrant community of learners
  • Develop a portfolio of Python projects to showcase your skills to potential clients or employers

Over 1 million satisfied students

Nearly 2 million students have completed the Complete Python Bootcamp worldwide, earning an impressive 4.6/5-star rating on Udemy. Its tried-and-true curriculum, engaging teaching style, and comprehensive material make it an excellent choice for beginning programmers.

> Check out The Complete Python Bootcamp

6. The Twitter Growth Playbook

Best Twitter growth course for solopreneurs

The Twitter Growth Playbook is taught by Easlo, a master of no-code solopreneurship. Before his peers hit their sophomore year in college, Easlo had made hundreds of thousands of dollars selling Notion templates online.

And the driving force behind his success? Twitter — everyone’s favorite place to vent their opinions and start drama.

But while others were using Twitter to catch up on the news and celebrity gossip, young Easlo turned it into a money printer. His Twitter is a vehicle for selling Notion templates that turbocharge his eager buyers’ productivity.

What you’ll learn

The Twitter mastery playbook teaches how to:

  • Find your niche: Every great Twitter creator starts with a defined niche. Easlo will show you how to find yours
  • Optimize your profile: Create a profile that urges attention and credibility
  • Engage: Understand how to capture readers’ attention on Twitter like nobody else
  • Monetize: Monetizing is where most Twitter creators mess up, but Easlo teaches a foolproof process for doing so

Proven strategies

Easlo isn’t a would-be expert claiming to know all the secrets to Twitter growth and monetization. Unlike too many charlatans claiming otherwise, Easlo has walked the walk.

He’s grown his Twitter to nearly 300k followers, but not before he monetized his audience to a six-figure effect multiple years in a row. And he’s just getting started. His course follows the same principles he’s actively following to scale his brand outside of Twitter, too.

> Check out The Twitter Growth Playbook

7. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Best video editing course for solopreneurs

The rise of YouTube, TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts has made one thing blatantly clear, video is the future of content creation. And if you want your video content to be worth watching, quality editing isn’t an option.

Thankfully, our favorite YouTuber, Ali Abdaal, returns to this list with another course. A masterclass in pro-level video editing on the same software Hollywood studios use — Final Cut Pro X. His comprehensive coverage of video editing isn’t something any aspiring content creator on macOS should miss out on.

What you’ll learn

Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X teaches how to:

  • Understand Final Cut Pro: Apple’s flagship editing software can seem overwhelming at first, but Abdaal makes it simple
  • Create a project from scratch: Ali doesn’t dust you with his expert advice before moving on. He guides you step-by-step through building your own project
  • Polish and export: Abdaal teaches you how to create videos that showcase a genuinely professional gleam while sidestepping mediocrity

A truly ultimate guide

Too many courses tout themselves as “the ultimate guide” to their subject, but precious few actually deliver. This isn’t the case with Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X — it’s the full package, in true Ali Abdaal style.

And you know it works. When I say Abdaal is a top YouTuber, I mean it. He’s not only built his channel to 4M+ subscribers quickly but monetizes it exceptionally well, too.

> Check out Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X

Get started with solopreneur courses

Sadly, much of the reputation of online courses has been stained by dishonest people funneling unwitting victims into 5-figure sales funnels, tricked out of their hard-earned money as the con slips away under the cover of a “no refunds” policy.

But that doesn’t represent those still making honest livings with quality products, and that’s the content I’ve featured here. Each course puts up an offer you can’t refuse: a small fee in exchange for transformative knowledge.

Only one question remains: where should you start?

Maybe I’m biased, but my vote is either The LinkedIn OS or The Content OS. Both are excellent starts for igniting your personal brand with a fire that will grow ever brighter throughout your career.

That’s it covered for now.

I’ll see you next time.

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