June 11, 2023

42 Lessons from 42 Years of Life

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Today I turn 42, and I made it a point to reflect on every unique life or business lesson someone has taught me. I wanted to share them with you because of how meaningful they've been to me.

These aren't just words; they are principles that have shaped me, guided me, and fueled my growth as an individual and a professional.

42 Lessons from 42 Years of Life:

Personal Development & Choices:

  • Don't fuck around in your 20s.
  • Travel internationally before you're 25.
  • Don't date people you know you have no future with.
  • If you party hard, work harder.
  • You are who you surround yourself with. Pick wisely.
  • Some people will hate you for no reason. Screw 'em.
  • Nice guys finish last. Kind, assertive people don't.

Career Strategy & Mindset:

  • Build meaningful & modern skills ASAP.
  • Don't take roles at work that you don't have interest in.
  • If you can't teach yourself, you're a liability.
  • Your environment often dictates your success.
  • If you're always a bottom performer, you're frustrating others.
  • If you suck at your job, don't complain. Quit or get better.
  • Take a bunch of small risks early in your career.

Leadership & Management:

  • When you become successful, check your ego.
  • When someone gives you an opportunity, do your absolute best.
  • Hire top performers and get out of their way.
  • Immediately fire people who create drama at work.
  • Thinking is great. Action solves problems.
  • Some people have it. Some people don't.
  • You can't say yes to everyone - don't try.

Communication & Relationships at Work:

  • Don't burn bridges at work.
  • Build boundaries with your boss and direct reports.
  • Never lash out at work.
  • Don't send an angry email. Talk in person.
  • Never shit-talk your employees or colleagues.
  • When you need help at work, ask for it.
  • Everyone has an agenda. Help them achieve it.

Personal Mindset & Philosophy:

  • Assume everyone has positive intentions.
  • Most mistakes are from ignorance, not malice.
  • Learn to control your own narrative.
  • Don't compare yourself to others. Be your best you.
  • Being selfish is sometimes the best thing for your family.
  • Only spend time with people who reciprocate.
  • Optimists are often wealthy, and pessimists are often right.

Performance & Success:

  • C students who take action outperform Valedictorians.
  • If you're always a top performer, average people will frustrate you.
  • You can always make more money, never more time.
  • Everyone is winging it. You don't need permission to join them.
  • Plans are great, but planning to be surprised is best.
  • Serial complainers aren't worth taking seriously.

I hope these lessons are helpful to you.

Of course, some might be specific only to my journey, so take them with a grain of salt.

Good luck out there!

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