You might already know my story.

In 2019, after many years in high-growth startups, I decided it was time for a change and left my executive job. I was excited to set out on a path toward solopreneurship.

I had been building an audience online to support this transition, so I started consulting and immediately landed some clients.

Because of my online audience, things got off to a great start, and I never looked back.

But that's not always the story of solopreneurship.

My wife's story

My wife, Jennifer, has traveled a different path. After 8 years curating employee experience for some of the biggest tech companies in New York and LA, she opened CultureOps in 2017 to help design similar programs for startups across the country.

Two years later, as I was landing my first clients for my new business, she was in a very different place. She was struggling without an audience or a plan to land clients.

"I started CultureOps with some luck, landing a really big client. I was really excited. After 10 months, our engagement ended, and I struggled to find more.

I was naive. I believed having a valuable service would be enough to succeed.

In reality, the product or service is just small part of the equation.

I needed an audience of the right people paying attention to a clear message. Who I served, how I did it, and why it mattered in the first place. I needed to build my personal brand so I could sell my services and expertise to the right kind of buyers. But, I didn't have an audience or social media presence.

I needed an audience of the right people paying attention to a clear message. Who I served, how I did it, and why it mattered in the first place.

I was an employee experience expert thrust into a job of marketing, sales, social media management, and more. I was lost and lonely. And I stayed busy with activities that didn't move the needle.

I wasted time writing blog articles that were hardly viewed and making Instagram posts that didn't generate leads. I didn't know how to build an audience. And I became overwhelmed by what the job really was.

As I began to lose enthusiasm, COVID came around. And that was the nail in the coffin. I decided to shut down my LLC and stop spending the money it was costing to run my business."

When my wife shut down CultureOps, I felt devastated. In retrospect, I wish I had been more helpful.

The main thing that has allowed us to move forward is having each other, and a supportive network of other successful solopreneurs and entrepreneurs.

If you don't have that, solopreneurship can be an incredibly lonely journey. There are so many difficult, unforeseen challenges that come up. When you're going at it alone, the likelihood that you achieve success is significantly decreased.

The second chance opportunity

In early 2021, my wife began building out her personal brand on LinkedIn, focused on a topic she loves and is incredibly good at. Financial literacy.

With a stockbroker father, a passion for investing, and years of managing our finances, she began sharing her knowledge with her 4,000 connections on LinkedIn. This time, we strategized together, discussed audience growth tactics together, grew our support network online, and helped each other succeed.

Four months later, Jennifer has amassed a following of over 17,000 people from all walks of life. She's already started building out a coaching business and helping people learn about personal finance and investing.

Struggling to find an audience

It's clear to me. Building an audience to support your business is the best thing you can do to succeed. But, how do you do it? Where do you start?

And why are some people successful while others flounder?

I look back on my success in audience growth and realize that a major part of it was being surrounded by other brand builders and like-minded people working to grow their audience. Having this support network can be the difference between failure and wild success.

But how do you find those people? Where do you go? How do you engage? There isn't a simple answer or an easy way to navigate this challenge.

A new type of community

So, I set out to build a new type of community. One that I haven't seen around yet. One that I wish existed when I started building towards solopreneurship, or when Jennifer started building CultureOps.

I'm calling it Audience & Income. A private community focused on helping people build their audience and create income online. A community aimed specifically at helping people work together to grow together. To create and build as a team. Like Jennifer and I are doing.

My goal is to give everyone the support network they need to increase their likelihood of success. To build the support network Jennifer and I wish we had when we started our companies.

So, if you are interested in growing your audience and improving the likelihood that you make some income online, head over to our simple website and join the waitlist.

Hope to see you there.



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