SaaS Advising


6 session package with Justin Welsh

I have a decade of experience building two $50M+ ARR businesses, teams of 150+, and helping raise over $300M in capital from VC firms like HLM Ventures, Leerink Transformation Partners, Vivo Capital, Toba Capital, and athenahealth.

Over that 10-year period, I've played the role of Chief Revenue Officer and SVP of Sales at high-growth transactional SaaS companies. I'm intimately familiar with the challenges and complexities of building out a successful SMB SaaS business.

My area of expertise is in highly transactional b2b SaaS companies, with contract values that are typically $30,000 or less, and sales cycles that are 30 days or less.

I bring that expertise and understanding to a small number of early-stage, growth-focused SMB SaaS companies.

I partner with entrepreneurs and sales leaders as an advisor and mentor during their growth phase. I help them lay the correct foundation for growth, see around corners, avoid expensive mistakes, and assemble world-class teams. I provide advice on the most effective and efficient way to grow top-line revenue.

Please note that advisory packages are 90-day retainers and cost $4,000 per month.