So many entrepreneurs believe that building income online must be about engineering, coding, SaaS, etc.

Sure, those are certainly great ways to build an online income, but it's not a requirement.

In fact, building a SaaS platform is all about deeply understanding your customer.

And I think you can do that extremely well by starting with a service business and a digital product.

Here's how I would get started...

Step 1:  Eliminate the "fallacy of expertise"

When you get started, you can't worry about "am I an expert?"

If you constantly doubt yourself, you'll never get started.

Instead, make a list of your accomplishments, big and small, over the last 2-3 years.

What skills did you learn during this period?

Step 2: Identify your interests

Inside of the list you just created, will be things you loved doing and hated doing.

Sorry, but misery doesn't scale.

Choose something you built skills in, that you also enjoy doing/talking about/writing about.

This will be your focus.

Step 3: Find the "you" from 2-3 years ago

Your goal is to find people who are just like you, but much earlier in their journey.

Where do they hang out online? Try places like:

- Reddit
- Twitter
- LinkedIn
- FB Groups

If you can't find them, use tools like SparkToro to help.

Step 4: Create content

Next, it's time to establish credibility.

Here are some easy ways:

- Teardowns
- Tweet threads
- LinkedIn content
- Step-by-step guides

Show the folks 2-3 years behind you that you understand their challenges & have solved them before.

This will gain you a small following.

Step 5: Create a service business

A small coaching business can be your 1st income stream.

Put up a simple landing page and use Stripe or Gumroad to collect payments.

The key? Make the pricing a no-brainer.

You're not looking to get rich with this first business, you're simply looking to learn. (more on this later)

Step 6: Promote it

It's unlikely you'll get clients just because your business exists.

Instead, find simple ways to promote it.

When your new followers ask you questions, tell them about your coaching business.

When you write content, share the link at the end.

Simple stuff.

Step 7: Listen for commonalities

This is a key step to creating your 2nd income stream.

Your goal when coaching is to listen for the most common problems of your students.

- Write down every problem you hear
- Dive deeper to understand them
- Keep a running list

This is the gold.

Step 8: Build a digital product

Your 2nd income stream is your first digital product. Focused on the most common problem above.

Take someone from problem to solution in 45 minutes or less.

Keep it focused. Single problem → single solution

Price it reasonably to build trust.

Step 9: Raise your rates

With a lower-priced product, you can now increase your coaching rates.

When people want coaching, you can coach. When they don't, tell them about your digital product.

You now have an offering for different learning styles and price points.

Step 10: Set up your systems

- Create useful content
- Drive people to the product
- Upsell 1:1 coaching packages

With this simple system it's only a matter of time before you add a 3rd income stream:

- Consulting
- Community
- Physical products
- Cohort-based coaching


Get started. That's the key.

Hopefully, this short step-by-step guide will give you a paint-by-numbers approach to building your first two income streams. While nobody's journey is the same, these are certainly reasonable steps to take to build.

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Thanks, as always, for reading.

Happy building.