Solopreneurship is lonely

In 2019, I felt completely burned out after many years in high-growth startups. I decided it was time for a change and left my job, excited to set out on a path toward solopreneurship.

Free Guide: Grow Your Network on LinkedIn

Over the last few years, my content has been read 40M+ times on LinkedIn by 80k+ followers. This guide is an attempt to breakdown much of what I know about LinkedIn. It will be continuously updated as I learn/remember more. I hope it's helpful.

Free Guide: Create Automated Income Online

I've made over $763K in the last 18 months online, including $115k+ on digital course sales. I put together this free guide to share a lot of what I've learned. I'll be updating it continuously as I learn and remember more. I hope this is helpful.

Build a Better Backstory

Have you ever noticed that nearly all relatable founders have a compelling backstory? It's commonly referred to as a "founder story" and it's the narrative of how a startup company came to be. The story often helps build deep brand loyalty among the company's user base...

5 Rules for a Different Life

Roughly two years ago, I came across Naval Ravikant's now famous Twitter thread, How to Get Rich (without getting lucky). At the time, I was working 80 hour workweeks at my executive job, making a very good living, but starting to burn out...

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